What is CDL Pick'Em?

The Call of Duty League Pick’em is a game where fans predict Call of Duty League match results to earn points. During each Stage of the 2021 season, points will be tracked on a global leaderboard and the players with the most points can win prizing.

How it works?

Team Matchups

Earning Points

You can earn points for each match where you correctly pick the winning team and the final score.

How are points calculated?

  • Correctly predict the winner of a match
    +2 points
  • Correctly predict the exact result of a match
    +1 points

In double points matches, these points are doubled!

Global and Private Leaderboards

Private Leaderboards

You can invite friends and foes to compete against you in a private leaderboard for bragging rights. Once you’ve signed up for CDL Pick’em, click on the “Create Private Leaderboard” button to get started.

Create private leaderboard
Can I play anytime during the season?
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What’s the deadline to make picks during a Major Tournament?
Who can play CDL Pick’em?
What about the Playoffs and Champs?
If I win, when do I get my prize?